KES Essays! (2007)

These are the original work of the 2007 KES (J.R. Nakogee) students, some of the information is out of date however we decided not to edit the original works of the students of 2007. Updating or add new essays is up to the admin's of the school, we will take consideration into updating/adding more essays from the fresh prespective of the young students.

Attawapiskat Student Essay Contest were done at KES back in 2007 when the school was named J.R. Nakogee School. The three below were selected and uploaded works, the following are the requirements: The essays must of been original work of students that were enrolled at KES (JRN) at the time, essays were written jointly by no more than two students. Staff at the time must of been willing to certify the writers work to the best of their knowledge, that it is an original. The Essays may include graphics or picutres along with text, the body of the essay must be about Attawapiskat and cannot name people in the essays.

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