Geraldine Mattinas

Why I like Attawapiskat.


Riding My Bike

I like my bike. It is a purple bike. It is big but I was small. I couldn’t reach the peddles. I like riding it, I think it’s very fun. I sometimes get to around the block with my friends. My grandma lives close to where we live so I go there by myself.


Going For A Boat Ride

I like to go for a boat ride. I could se geese flying. I could go swimming, too. I almost fell out of the boat. I saw a beaver, too. We went fishing in the summer on the Attawapiskat River. Last summer my dad took us to the sand bar to go swimming.


Going For A Truck Ride

I like my truck. I get to see the big sun going down. When we go fast down a hill my tummy tickles. And I get to sit outside. During the winter we have more places to go after the roads are done. One time in the winter we went to Moosonee by truck with my grandpa.


Riding On a Skidoo

I like to ride on a skidoo. When we go on bumps I go up. I get to see tracks. We have our own little skidoo that we and my sister drive. When I drive, I go fast. In the spring we get to go with my dad when he makes his blind for hunting.


Riding On  A Honda

When I go on a Honda, I see the water and see the sun. My face gets all dusty. And sit in the front. I also get to drive. We don’t have a Honda, but I ride with someone who does.


Riding On a Helicopter

When I go on a helicopter, I got to see the ice. While we were in the air, the helicopter when side to side and up high and the down really fast. It scares me. I laughed so hard. Every spring break up there is a helicopter here and people get to go for ride.



In Attawapiskat I get to do other things. I get to play with my friends and play in the mud. I walk around the block with my friends. We go to friends house and get our bikes. We go to first rapids. We put our bikes back in the shed when it’s time to go inside.

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