Faith Iahtail

Buildings of Attawapiskat
Faith Iahtail
March 28, 2007
Grade 6J
J.R Nakogee School

My name is Faith Iahtail. I will be writing an essay about buildings of Attawapiskat. Buildings in Attawapiskat are our daily lives in Attawapiskat. People need them everyday for our everyday living. Buildings in Attawapiskat are as follows..

This is J.R Nakogee School. There are 12 portables for this school. We need this school because we need our education.

This is the Hospital. They help people when they are sick.

This is the Radio Station. They broadcast Wawatay radio every week and play music over the air.

This is the Payukotayno Building. They provide child services for community of Attawapiskat.

This is Kataquapit’s Inn. They provide room rentals to people in Attawapiskat.

This is the Reg Louttit Sportsplex Arena. There is an arena pad, community call and gym in this sportsplex.

This is the Fire Hall. There are only volunteer firefighters that work in this Fire Hall. They put out fire for our reserve.

This is the Health center. They are in charge of health services like for infants, eye doctor and dentist.

This is the Ambulance Base. The people that work there help the community by taking sick people to the hospital.

This is Attawapiskat Power Corporation. They manage the power in the community.

This is MKS store. They sell food, hardware, and gas to the people of Attawapiskat.

This is Saint Francis Xavier Church. People go to church and pray here. The priest does baptism, confirmations, communion, weddings and funerals.

This is the Attawapiskat Pentecostal Church. People go to church and pray here.

This is Attawapiskat Development Corporation Office. They help people with cable, t.v. ads, employment and training.

This is the Northern Store. They sell food, clothing, hardware and gas.

This is the Post Office. People get their mail from here. They also can send mail out to other places.

This is the Water Plant. This is where we get our drinking water.

This is the Nursery School. They provide learning to kids who are getting ready for kindergarten.

This is the Parish Hall. They use this building for fundraising, birthday parties and meetings.

This is the Airport. People get in and out from this reserve using a plane.

This is the peace Keepers Building. You go through here when you arrive in Attawapiskat by plane. The peace keepers search your luggage for illegal substances.

This is Vezina Secondary School. They have courses for high school students and adults.

This is the Kimberley’s store. They sell confectionary and rent movies. They also have games in there for kids to play with.

This is the Band Office. There are 11 councillors, a deputy chief and a chief running this place.

This is the Police Station. The police help the community by keeping it safe.

In closing to my essay. These are the buildings in Attawapiskat. We need these buildings for our daily living.

Faith Iahtail

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